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£­>¡¡Main Products--Coupling Filter £º

Beijing Power Equipment Group Special Electric Equipment Works(SEEW) is a earliest and largest manufacturer of coupling devices for power line carrier system in China. BPEG begin to produce coupling filter since 1962 with more than 2000 units of annual produce capacity. The coupling devices operate widely in China and Export to aboard. We design, control the test equipment and process test data on computer. Applicable Standards: GB/T 7329-1998¡¢IEC481-74¡¢ANSI.C93.4 or other relevant standard on request. The products have following notable advantages: Nice surface, Simple maintenance and Excellent climate endurance. Some kinds of coupling devices are the nation patent product (Patent No. 99 2 07886.5).

SEEW's coupling devices have lots of species and wide applications, and can conform customer's special requirements. Types of them including: Coupling Filter, Separating Filter, HF Junction Coupling Filter and HF Junction Network.Kinds of application described as below:

1. PHASE-TO-GROUND COUPLING FILTER: There are a lot of series such as JLT-B2Z, JL-B5 and JL-B8Z for customer. They can be applicable to kinds of line voltage, different line impedance and frequency , coupling capacitor or CVT specified by customer.

2. PHASE-TO-PHASE COUPLING FILTER: Series JLX. It can be applicable to kinds of line voltage, different line side impedance and frequency , coupling capacitor specified by customer.

3. HF JUNCTION COUPLING FILTER: Series GCJL-B7. There are two output terminals on the cable side. There is enough attenuation between opposite terminals to ensure that there is no affection between the two terminals when both power line carrier and relay protective receiving and transmitting device installed.

4. SEPARATING FILTER: Series FL-B2 including two types: high-pass and low-pass type, band-pass and band-stop type. There is enough attenuation between opposite terminals. The composite loss is very low.

5. HF JUNCTION NETWORK: Series GCW-B1. They have the following advantages: Wide frequency band, Great power, Good impedance matching performance, Excellent universal application. It can be used as a HF hybrid together with two coupling filters to compose a phase-to-phase coupling filter.

6. NEW PRODUCTS FOR 10KV POWER LINE CARRIER SYSTEM: Series JL-B9 is used for overhead line. Series JL-B10 is used for cable. They are both used for phase-to-ground coupling method and transfer data in PLC system.

Coupling Filter


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