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£­>¡¡Main Products--Dry-Type Air-core Reactor £º

Beijing Power Equipment Group Special Electric Equipment Works(SEEW) developed outdoor dry-type air-core reactor which has advanced world level on the basis of more than 40 years experience for producing iron-core reactor and air-core line trap. Annual produce capacity 30000MVA, the maximum operation voltage of parallel reactor is 66kV with 40MVA of unit capacity of each phase. This product is designed by CAD. Application Standard: GB10229, IEC289-88 or other relevant standards on request. It is easy to install and convenient to choose the position of terminal as well as outstanding climatic-resistant without daily maintenance. It can operate indoors and outdoors for 30 years.

SEEW's Reactors have wide applications. Types of them including: Shunt Reactor(BKK), Thyristor Controlled Shunt Reactor (BKK-TCR), Series Reactor(CKK), Special Series Reactor used in Electric Railway(CKKT), Current-limiting Reactor(XKK), Filter Reactor(LKK), Smoothing Reactor(PKK), Test Lab Reactor(SYKK), Damping Reactor(ZKK), Splitting Reactor(FKK), Neutral-Grounding Current-limiting Reactor(ZJKK), Starting Reactor(QKK), Load-sharing Reactor(JKK), Lighting Coils(FLQ), etc.

Kinds of application are described as below.

1. Shunt Reactors - They are parallel connected with to the transformer tertiary winding in 220kV or 500kV Substation. They are used to compensate for capacitive VAR in transmission line of long distance and low load.

2. Thyristor Controlled Shunt Reactors (TCR)- They are used in static VAR compensating device, they can dynamically change the VAR compensating power and keep the voltage stability.

3. Series Reactors - They are series connected with VAR compensating shunt capacitor bank. They are used to restrain harmonic voltages, reduce distortion of system voltage and limit inrush current when capacitor circuit is putted into network for operation.

4. Filter Reactors - They are series connected with shunt capacitor bank to form resonant circuit, which can filter specified harmonic currents.

5. Current-limiting Reactors - They are series connected with power system (bus, line and load) They can reduce the short circuit current to allowable level for the equipment on the load side of the reactor.

6. Smoothing Reactor - It is a single coil. It is used to reduce the magnitude of the ripple current or voltage in a DC system, and restrain the run speed and the peak value of short circuit current. They are used in HVDC transmission system, also series connected with large rectification-feed DC motor in steel and non-ferrous metallurgical plant.

7. Test Lab Reactors - They are installed in high voltage test lab, and are kinds of reactors, which are designed to satisfy kinds of needs of high voltage test.

8. Neutral-Grounding Current-Limiting Reactor - It is a single coil. It is connected between the neutral of HV shunt reactor and ground to limit the line to ground fault current to specified level.

Shunt Reactors


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