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  一巷寄促Beijing Power Equipment Group (BPEG), as a state-owned enterprise, crosses through Beijing and Hebei province, covering an area of 1.3 million square meters. Headquarter is located at Liangxiang, Beijing. BPEG, with 3000 employees, owns assets for 1040 million RMB Yuan.

  BPEG has more than 2000 manufacturing facilities, in which there are more than 1000 sets of common equipment, 16 sets of precision equipment, 114 sets of large size equipment and 19 sets of unusual equipment.

  BPEG commits a diversified products management system. There are six undertaking branches, two fully-invested enterprises, two multi-industry enterprises and several share participating enterprises. BPEG has formed a trans-regional aggregative enterprise. Local area network has been set up at BPEG for information management.

  BPEG forms a diversified products structure based on the characteristics of power field. There are two major kinds of products. One is power mechanical product and spare parts, and the other is electrical product.

  The major products have formed seriation. They are, medium-speed roller mill (seven types and eighteen specifications), special industrial turbine (4-10MW), air-core and iron-core reactor (with Max. capacity 20000kVA/66kV), line trap, dry-type transformer, motor (with Max. capacity 5500kW), fully-connected enclosed bus duct (equipped for 100-600MW generator), etc.

  Besides, BPEG also manufactures coal feeder with electrical weighing system, coal bunker loosen machine, aluminum-alloy platform for chamber of boiler overhauling, silicon-rubber synthetic insulator, zinc-oxide lightning arrestor, comprehensive automatic control system for substation and coal sampler, etc.

  BPEG has great achievement and experience to provide auxiliary equipment, mating equipment for large-scaled thermal, hydro and nuclear power generators, as well as to provide various electrical equipment for super-tension substation, has technical force and institute to develop and make research independently, and has ISO9000:2000 quality system and test center to guarantee the product quality.

  Annual sales of BPEG is 2000 million RMB. Products sales region covers over 30 provinces and cities and sales field covers metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, railway industry and coal industry. In the power field, BPEG shares a great fame and reputation. BPEG has been awarded the certificate of approval for foreign trade in 1999 and annual turnover for imports and exports is over 60 million US Dollars.

  BPEG, with the image of "we have friends all over the world", has cooperated with many famous transnational corporations, such as Foster Wheeler in U.S.A, Flender and Babcock in Germany, Alstom and Areva in France, ABB in Sweden, POSCO in Korea, Kawasaki in Japan, and SES in Slovak.

  BPEG, with a large developing potential, is willing to build up multiplex cooperation for mutual benefits with partners all over the world.

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